Pavement 1, 72" H x 42" W, machine pieced/hand quilted, 2018


So many stories geometric patterns, faded stripes, muted gray-yellow weathered red, cool blue, spotted grey. Somehow this is comforting, this jumble how it is not a life planned but the one unfolded, unfolding, in pieces especially the how did I get here pieces. In an old town no two sections are the same, not like new just poured sidewalks. Weathered, crazy patterned Crockett is full of those uphill downhill side walks. And everywhere cracks. It is the idiosyncrasy of things The utter beauty of how it all fits shapes the impossible pieces, one run on sentence What has been done seems set and then, sometimes, the pink rockrose petals fall covering the stairs up to the door where Ganesha waits. This changes everything even what was cast in stone.

Keefer 2018